insect and bug control

insect and bug control


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Welcome to the first completely natural extermination service in Canada. We take pride in finding, creating and educating of safe and effective alternatives to pesticides use to control bugs, insects and vermin (mice and rats). Both inside and outside homes, businesses, schools, medical building and more.

What we treat:

We treat basically all bugs and flying insects. We also treat or control vermin such as mice and rats locally. You need to decide are they inside or outside of the building or in and on the lawns.

Indoor list: Bed bugs, ants, Roaches, Silverfish, etc.

Outdoor list: Grubs, Ants and their nests, Asphids, Mosquitoes (carriers of the Lime and the Sica disease), Earwigs, etc.

For cats, dogs and livestock: We have created effective and safe alternatives to toxic pesticides methods that have a considerable mortality rate.

Special applications: Mold after floods, bad or toxic oders because of deaths, mold and other toxic smells.