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Ants are the hardest working bugs it the bug and insect world. However they don’t belong in our homes and buildings. When their nests become too much and is an infestation. Now is time to control but not with poisonous pesticides. We offer safe and effective alternatives that have been tried for several years.


Indoors: We have used sprays with some success but more and more we place ant traps with greater success.

Outdoors: We have a lawn spray that destroys ant nest without poisoning the lawn and effecting your children and pets as results.


Wooden Porches, Wooden decks, etc. and Carpenter Ants: These are the biggest and most destructive ants we have so far. They can destroy to best and most expensive porch, deck or wooden stairs. Its doesnt happen over night so if the damage is not extensive you can same the rest from being destroyed or eaten.

We have a special treatment that enters and protects the wood against ants and wood root while destroying the nest in the vicinity sprayed. It can help last two to three times longer the life of the item treated. This is a specialty product that needs to be ordered well in advance. Even if you have used treated lumber to build the item. We find that eventually the ants will eat or destroy it.