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Grubs can be very costly to have in your lawn. They eat the roots of the grass, therefore destroying the grass as results. Entire front lawns have been found in the streets of a hilly slopes because the grubs had eaten nearly all the roots of the grass. Uncommon but it did happen. We posted some pics of lawns destroyed or eaten by grubs.


Not only terrible to look at a yellowed lawn but the skunks, raccoons and other small animals dig the lawn to eat them for nourishment and simple hunger. Leaving the lawns all dug up as results.

Having some is perfectly normal. However an infestation usually seen by the lawn been torn up in several places is a sign of an infestation to control before it gets out of control and thousands of dollars of repairs.

A lawn could be made nice with new grasses seed or rolled turf but the problem is still  not sufficiently treated so still there, it will come back often worst. We have seen people spend thousands of dollars for a new lawn without treatment only to have it all gone in a year or two and getting worse.

 In many towns if you do not treat for grubs and your neighbor gets infested. You could find yourself liable and financially responsible for infesting their lawn and responsible to pay all treatment and repairs to their lawn plus yours plus your lawn as well on top of the expense. $$$$.


Nematodes do not work:

We had stopped using nematodes to eliminate grubs early on.  You need to water daily so these actual living creatures exceptionally small survive. When you can’t water during a water drought, all the nematodes will be die. Waste of money as results. You are not allowed to use a sprinkler during that time and risk a large fine that most towns double the fine every time your caught watering. $$$$.


Times for treatment:

Times for treatment of grubs in immediately after the snow melts till early june and again the first two weeks of august. The grubs go below ground in mid june and come back up in august. Mature adults fly off as june bugs or japanese beetles and others not mature yet go back into the ground only to return next spring even worse of an infestation.


How does our treatment works:

All our products are made from plant essential oils that leave no toxic residue as pesticides do. Several decades of poison Pesticides in the soil that eventually goes to the water tables underground that poison everything it comes in contact with.

Our product does not leave a toxic residue and only for a very short time. It enters the grubs and disrupts the endocrine system and not the nerve system like toxic pesticides. Making for a much safer and effective grub treatment as results.