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Angelik Organik is the safest, healthiest, effective and most reasonably priced extermination company out there. All that while being non toxic as pesticide are.

Eliminating bugs and NOT the people and their pets, is our motto.

Our products are based on the use of essential plant oils to eliminate bugs and flying insects.
Eliminating bugs and insects with natural and effective products took many years of development that hopefully will slowly became the possible norm.
Often, the answers were in countries all over the world.

It was a simple phone call from a client…looking to get rid of grubs in her lawn, who asked, if we used a simple plant oil, which set us off on our quest (which evolved over many years) thus creating our products, that we use presently.
These essential plant oils, at that time, were fairly expensive. We had to find different means of applications, while searching for importers with less expensive prices. As we have grown, we now buy in large quantities making our products for commercial use much more affordable.
These products are more effective than pesticides. This means that the client saves money in the end and has much less disruption of the home, condo, business and their lives.


insect and bug control

insect and bug control


Angelik Organik              514 484 1798

Welcome to the first completely natural extermination service in Canada.
We take pride in finding, creating and educating…the safe and effective alternatives to pesticide use, to control bugs, insects and vermin(mice and rats)…BOTH inside and outside homes, businesses, schools, medical buildings and so much more.

What we treat:

We treat almost all bugs and flying insects.
We also treat or control vermin such as mice and rats locally.
All you need to determine is, are they inside or outside of the building or in and/or on the lawns.

Indoor list: Bed Bugs, Ants, Roaches, Silverfish, etc.

Outdoor list: Grubs, Ants (and their nests), Aphids, Mosquitoes (which are carriers of the Lime and Sica disease), Earwigs, etc.

Cats, Dogs and livestock: We have specifically created highly effective and safe alternatives to many of the “toxic pesticides methods, that have been found to have a considerably high mortality rate”.

Special applications: Mold after floods, bad or toxic oders because of deaths, mold and other toxic smells.


*** Note this site is always under construction with updates and more. 

insect and bug control