We sell to companies or individuals who want to bottle and sell the products with their own labels. All sales are made with a non refundable deposit. We do not package or label, or sell containers.

Sufficient time in advance of the orders are needed. Most ingredients need to be imported. We use only the best and most effective ingredients necessary.

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please allow a reasonable time for reply. If you need a quick response, it is always best to call us followed by an email with confirming request.

The formulas are available for sale. ie. $150.k or one, $250.k for two, $375.k for three.

the recent list of formulas available.


Products for sale:

Bed Bug spray:

Head lice spray:

Cats and Dogs, etc, tick and lice spray:

Horses tick and lice spray, or biting insect spray:

Farm animals spray or bath solutions: