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This undated file photo provided by Orkin LLC shows bed bugs. Two seniors homes in southern Alberta are being treated for bedbugs, but health officials say there's no reason for concern beyond the "ick" factor. Alberta Health Services confirms staff at the Pemmican Lodge and Black Rock Terrace in Lethbridge have been dealing with the itchy insects for the last few months. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP - Orkin LLC
Protocol for preparation for bed bug treatments.

(preparation for treatment by tenant or home owners).


First: Empty all dresser drawers of the room being treated or have a bed or sofa inside. Even empty junk or jewelry drawers so we can spray and dust all of them without exception. Put every single piece of cloth in large plastic bags to be washed thoroughly. Then dried in the dryer for one hour, without exception. Destroy the bags when empty and replace with new one each time. A single bed bug could be in one and risk of infestation all over again.


Second: Empty all closets of clothes, jackets, etc. even shoes needs to be removed so to all the spray to access everywhere in the closet.

Hallway  or linen closets need to be completely empty. All linen, pillows, sheets, bedding, etc, must be bagged and ready for washing.

If any clothes or bedding that can not  be washed must at least be put in the dryers so to eliminate any bed bug for one hour.


Third: Beds, remove all bedding from the bed absolutely. Even the pillows go into the plastic bags and tied closed.

Extra mattress or box spring must be thrown out asap. One matteress, one box spring max per bed. Failure to do this will void the guarantee. We are not kidding.

No mattress or box spring can be directly on the floor. This is a problem for bugs at any time. Simple ways to elevate the bed can be found on the internet or youtube. You need six inches at very least.


Fourth: Living room, remove all blankets and pillows, etc. and into the plastic bags. Tell in advance always if there is more than one couch or a bed in the living room besides the sofa.


Kitchens and bathrooms: bed bugs need linen natural or synthetic to live in. We simply apply a dust so to help eliminate all crawling bugs and insects.


*** Failure to complete protocol for bed bug treatment can and will cancel the guarantee. It is the tenants or homeowners responsibility to do the protocol. The technician is there to do the treatments.

Failure to not throw out an extra bed or coach will put the apartment or home at risk and cancel the warranty.


The dust effects last for one year. If you remove it, it can not work or do its job. It is essential you never broom or mop into the corner where we applied the dust.


Bed Bug Mattress Covers: There are many kinds available in stores available that have them. It is the homeowners or tenants responsibility to purchase them possibly in advance. The bed bugs take a few days to be eliminated and you can and will be bitten.

Never buy the inexpensive or cheap plastic mattress covers. They tear very easily every time.  Medium quality will be sufficient. A cover for the box spring is a personal choice.